Top Summer Holidays in 2019 – Without The Kids!!

Top Summer Holidays in 2019 – Without The Kids!!

We’re heading towards that time of year where we need a break, some rest and relaxation. Or even some adrenaline fuelled activities. We want them in the sun and we want them now!

But there’s a big factor that you forget – children. With the summer holidays coming up there will be children everywhere, which is great for those who want to spend time with their children, but what if you want a break without Little Stacy screaming on the beach or Little Freddie staring at you from the sunbed?

There are many places you can go that may not be so child orientated and we have accommodation in all of them. Here we take a look at some of the amazing locations you can visit.


Hvar Island, Croatia

Located a short boat ride away from the mainland, Hvar Island is a hit for partygoers and explorers alike. With over 2700 hours of sunshine each year as well as some of the best hotels, restaurants and bars in Croatia, this is definitely one of the places to be seen this year. Whether it’s exploring coves, climbing peaks, wine tasting at the local vineyards or letting your hair down at one of the beach bars, there’s plenty to do before you head back to your hotel, such as the Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort, to get ready for another day of excitement!


Livingstone, Zambia

If adrenaline is what you’re after on your vacation why not head to Livingstone in Zambia? Situated by the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, you would be hard pressed to find a better location dedicated to adrenaline junkies.

As well as bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge, or visiting Devil’s Pool you can also white-water raft down the Zambezi River and try and spot the many hippos and crocodiles that live in the class 5 rapids. Finally, head back to your hotel, such as the Limbo Lodge, for an evening of rest before you head out to do it all again tomorrow!


Bangkok, Thailand

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is often seen as the gateway to Asia but it is also a fantastic location for adult-only holidays. Whether you want to climb the Sathorn Unique Tower, visit the Grand Palace or go shopping in Chatuchak Market, there’s certainly something for everyone. Bangkok also has some of the cheapest hotel rates meaning you have even more Baht to spend on some of the amazing street food available.


New York, USA

Yes, we know many children visit New York but we would be mad to leave this amazing city out. As well as the usual sights – Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park – there is also a huge cultural element to the city that never sleeps. Not only are there many magnificent museums, art galleries and operas, you can also head to Broadway and take in a show before heading back to one of our many hotels to recharge your batteries and head out again